What the Hell Ever Happened to… Soul For Real

New feature time!  Much like VH1’s Where Are They Now?, our own What the Hell Ever Happened to… will track down the celebrities of our youth, using what limited resources are available to us – mostly our devilish good looks, and Wikipedia.  The inspiration for this feature was the following music video, which prompted the question you see above:  What the hell ever happened to Soul For Real?  [So, apparently embedding has been disabled for every version of this video residing in the tubes.  It will have to suffice for you to link over to YouTube to watch.  Apologies, but seriously, go and watch.]

Soul For Real.  Man, what an awesome group.  I mean, when I was a kid, they were like Jackson 5 meets Boyz II Men.  I remember watching them lip sync Candy Rain on Nickelodeon’s All That when I was a kid.  (All That, coincidentally, may be the subject of a future What the Hell Ever Happened to….)  They could sing, they could dance, and they were the bomb.  I mean what 13-year-old didn’t want to be in a singing and dancing heartthrob group with his older brothers?  (Anybody?)

…and then nothing.  They had the one song that got them onto a tween-targeted sketch comedy show, but that was it.  I for one never heard anything from them again, outside of that song many, many times over the intervening years, thanks to the wonderful (seriously) All That:  the Album.  I mean, this was the group that kept the teenage-heartthrob-boy-group-who-sing-and-dance vibe going through the early 90s.  I won’t say they paved the way for Backstreet, Blackstreet, *NSYNC, and 112, but they definitely performed routine highway maintenance.  Find out what happened to this most important one-hit-wonder pop-soul boygroup of the mid-90s, after the jump.

So what ever happened to Soul For Real?  Not much, as it turns out.  They dropped four singles from their debut album, Candy Rain in 1995, two from their follow up effort, and one from their most recent disc in 1999.  I’d list the titles, but you’ve never heard of them either.  The group, composed of the four Dalyrimple brothers – that’s right, they’re all brothers… and their last name is really Dalyrimple, which is awesome – have been pretty quiet for a while, but all that’s about to change.  From their MySpace page:

we want to thank everyone who has supported us and have been looking out for us…just wanted to let you all know we ARE COMING BACK IN A MAJOR WAY… we have been working on the new album hard and will be posting the new songs here first….and believe we are coming with only the hottest for everyone…. We will be trying to reach everybody who writes us back as quickly as possible, but we WILL write back….. good look and see ya’ll soon. ALSO PLEASE CHECK OUT AND SUPPORT UNCLE DRE DAY EMBROIDERY PRODUCTIONS & JASEMAKERMUSIC… IF U WOULD LIKE TO BOOK US FOR A PAID SHOW OR TO HAVE US ON A SONG PLEASE CONTACT US AND SOME1 WILL GET BACK TO U IN REGARDS TO YOUR REQUEST TO SET SOMETHING UP. THANKS

You read right, boys & girls – Soul For Real is back for a new millennium.  Jason (the “Michael” of the group) is no longer 13, but he’s also not Jacko, so the guys have that going for them.  I’ll leave the verdict on their new music up to you (listen on their MySpace), but there it is.  First single is out now – apparently you can request it on radio and everything.  Also, you can book the group for a paid gig, like a birthday party.  Or a bar mitzvah.

Though I’m excited to see such an amazing, awesome, super-talented, not-at-all run-of-the-mill group still chugging along and making music, I’m a little disappointed that all that’s happened to them is… that they’re still chugging along and making music.  I don’t know what I was hoping for, but I was sure it would be something like an appearance on Big Brother or  Celebrity Rehab.  Actually, good on the Dalyrimples for staying away from that (even if it wasn’t by choice).

So that’s all for this episode… nothing too exciting, but that’s all-to-often the case.  Leave suggestions for future posts in the comments or email us at the email on the right side of the page.  Also whatever speculation you have for what happened to Soul For Real from 1999 to 2008.


26 Responses to What the Hell Ever Happened to… Soul For Real

  1. Ms. Kelley says:

    At the request of The AMT: There was this one girl in my high school that claimed that she was dating the youngest member of Soul for Real. I’m not really sure I believe that but then again they were way past their prime at that point, so why would she lie? If it’s true, I think he’s her baby daddy. Surely a Behind the Music sort of tale…

  2. Collin, the one from Georgetown says:


    Funny enough, I was thinking of this same sort of thing just the other day. In particular, I started looking for websites of old mid-to-late-nineties bands and seeing if they’re still touring.

    Smash Mouth!!!
    8/28/08 – Bottle & Cork – Dewey Beach, DE
    8/30/08 – House of Blues – Atlantic City, NJ

    Sadly, Sugar Ray and Third Eye Blind can’t be found east of the Mississippi anytime soon.
    Anyway, great site

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  4. Neech says:

    Check out the lead singer’s MySpace page… JASEMAKERMUSIC… HOT new music 4 ya… show your love and support!

  5. itsashame says:

    apparently they have some legal issues so u want be hearing from them no time soon. they have been doing some identity theft crimes in georgia and there have been like 100 victims. at first the news was saying it was just brian dalyrimple, but now they are saying andre and jason[the youngest] to. i guess chris had more sense. thats mess up, i was hoping jason didnt have nothing to do with it since he was they only one who voice stood out and could have made it solo. but i guess all things must come to a end. no more candy rain, just soap on a rope and comasery

    • dian says:

      i strongly suggest that when you see information in the media that you don’t allow you to pass judgement…continue to follow the story through to obtain the FACTS!!

      • Barney says:

        Well that information does appear to have come from actual police reports, and formal charges were filed, making it a matter of public record. I loved this group’s first album, which sparked my interest in finding out what happened to them. But it doesn’t exactly look like only one of them had been accused of one or two things that may have been misunderstandings. It looks like several of them were accused of victimizing over 250 people for over a million dollars. They also had one successful album from which, after paying off the record label, they had to divide the profits 4 ways. How else were they making money since then? Touring? Producing? Real estate? I don’t see anything about that. But I do see several articles from 2009 citing their arrests for identity theft. So, until we hear otherwise, it looks like that’s “what the hell happened” to Soul For Real.

  6. Tolu Ihidero says:

    Man, this is a group that I grew up on. I’m Nigerian and I am a music journalist. I’m presently conducting some research on Soul For real. I’m really interested in knowing more about Jason. Thanks for the piece though. One love.

  7. Cerita sensasi…

    […]What the Hell Ever Happened to… Soul For Real « Culturegeist[…]…

  8. movies says:


    […]What the Hell Ever Happened to… Soul For Real « Culturegeist[…]…

  9. Soul4Real has a new Manager Cleola (CeCe) Frazier or Roswell GA, she has booked them to be in Dubai this coming week, check it out on FB & Twitter.

    They are talking about another booking in Africa & Australia. The guys are coming back!

  10. anonymous says:

    When soul for real was out I wasn’t even born yet but once my ma told me about them and I looked it up I LUV THEM!! But I really want to know what happened to them because jase was such a HOTTIE:-*

  11. soulful real says:

    ‘every little thing i do’ was another one of their songs that did alright, so i wouldn’t exactly put them in the one hit wonder category. one of the other brothers sang it as well. it’s still a great song.

  12. Dane says:

    Hey guys when r url cumin bk!Yourll rockd and then disappeared!

  13. Really when someone doesn’t know afterward its up to other users that they will help, so here it takes place.

    • Dominic Chester says:

      Right they will come back soon made did song called the one with an old school type of beat. Nothing like the 80’s and 90’s today’s music sucks!! That’s why I don’t listen to the radio anymore nothing positive or real just b….. And h…. All they talk about overrated stuff played out!!

  14. larosky says:

    Music really sucks this days, i cant really get what they say and it so dry and uninspiring. Everyday in ma office i play oldies 90s back like patti labelle, chaka khan, soul for real, new edition etc
    Wish i can take back the hands of time

  15. latoya tucker felix says:

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